SCOP domain families (fa).


An object of class "InfoDataFrame" that contains information on SCOP domain families (fa).




an object of class InfoDataFrame. It has slots for data and dimLabels:

  • data: a data.frame containing information about 2223 domains (in rows), with 3 columns ("id" for SCOP sunid, and "level" for SCOP level, "description" for SCOP description)
  • dimLabels: a character describing labels for rows and columns in data


Morais et al. (2011) SUPERFAMILY 1.75 including a domain-centric gene ontology method. Nucleic Acids Res, 39(Database issue):D427-34.

Andreeva et al. (2008) Data growth and its impact on the SCOP database: new developments. Nucleic Acids Res, 36(Database issue):D419-425


# load data data(SCOP.fa) SCOP.fa
An object of S4 class 'InfoDataFrame' rowNames: 46459 46463 46532 ... 161271 161309 (4194 total) colNames: id level description
# retrieve the dimension dim(SCOP.fa)
[1] 4194 3
# retrieve names of columns colNames(SCOP.fa)
[1] "id" "level" "description"
# retrieve the first 5 rows of data Data(SCOP.fa)[1:5,]
id level 46459 46459 fa 46463 46463 fa 46532 46532 fa 46549 46549 fa 46553 46553 fa description 46459 Truncated hemoglobin 46463 Globins 46532 Phycocyanin-like phycobilisome proteins 46549 Fumarate reductase/Succinate dehydogenase iron-sulfur protein, C-terminal domain 46553 Dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase, N-terminal domain