Gene Ontology Biological Process (GOBP).


An R object that contains information on Gene Ontology Biological Process terms. These terms are organised as a direct acyclic graph (DAG), which is further stored as an object of the class 'igraph' (see This data is prepared based on Only the edges with the relation (either 'is_a' or 'part_of') are retained.




an object of S4 class Onto. It has slots for "nodeInfo" and "adjMatrix"

  • nodeInfo: an object of S4 class InfoDataFrame, describing information on nodes/terms including: "term_id" (i.e. Term ID), "term_name" (i.e. Term Name), "term_namespace" (i.e. Term Namespace), and "term_distance" (i.e. Term Distance: the distance to the root; always 0 for the root itself)
  • adjMatrix: an object of S4 class AdjData, containing adjacency data matrix, with rows for parent (arrow-outbound) and columns for children (arrow-inbound)


Ashburner et al. (2000) Gene ontology: tool for the unification of biology. Nat Genet, 25:25-29.

Fang H and Gough J. (2013) dcGO: database of domain-centric ontologies on functions, phenotypes, diseases and more. Nucleic Acids Res, 41(Database issue):D536-44.


data(onto.GOBP) onto.GOBP
An object of S4 class 'Onto' @adjMatrix: a direct matrix of 25154 terms (parents/from) X 25154 terms (children/to) @nodeInfo (InfoDataFrame) nodeNames: GO:0008150 GO:0000003 GO:0001906 ... GO:0021810 GO:0021811 (25154 total) nodeAttr: term_id term_name term_namespace term_distance